A Community Church For All

What To Expect

When You Come In

First of all you will be given a warm welcome by one of our congregation. Everyone is welcome in Poolewe and Aultbea Free Church!

After that you will be handed a sheet with the church notices on the way in – it tells you what songs we are singing with words and page numbers and any events on for the coming week. Bibles and Psalm books are available on the way to your seat.  Please take one.

You can sit anywhere you like.  Don’t worry about stealing someone’s seat.  We have plenty space. The minister normally leads the service.  He will announce what is going to happen as it happens.

During the Service

We stand to sing and sit for our prayers.  We stay standing after the last singing for the final prayer. The prayers will be led by the minister

The Bible readings will normally be by the minister. After the third singing there is usually preaching, a talk based on what we’ve read in the Bible and that can last from 25 to 30 minutes.

There is an opportunity to give to the church by putting money in one of the boxes at the entrance to the church. Please do not feel you have to.

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