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Road To Recovery

Road to Recovery
Wester Ross Addictions Support Group

If you are living in Wester Ross and are affected by an addiction problem, you might find our Road To Recovery group helpful. Our group is part of a network of Christian recovery groups for people with addictions. A few Christians from local churches, with experience of addiction, either personal battles or supporting those who struggled, aim to sensitively support people battling with addictions to recover and find a better way of living.

What can we do to help you?

1. We can speak to you informally
You may be confronting this for the first time, you may even have recovered and still appreciate support, or you might have experience of methods and meetings which haven’t been successful so far. Wherever you are on the road to recovery if you’d like to talk to someone, one of the people in the Support group would be glad to speak to you, either at your home or somewhere else you’d be comfortable.

2. We can welcome you to our Recovery Group
A recovery group is designed as a mutual support group, where others who may know going through are able to help you through it. There is no pressure to participate, no demands are made of you, but hopefully a relaxed and caring atmosphere where you are able to mutually give or receive support. The group is a christian group and we use Recovery Bibles, which are simply Bibles with helpful references to the 12 steps of AA. We normally meet on the evening of the 2nd Monday of the month. Lifts can be organised if needed.

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– All contact will be treated as confidential

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